BambooHR integration configuration

Please follow these steps to set up Grovo integration with BambooHR. This integration will continuously sync your employee data from BambooHR twice a day (every 12 hours) and will bring in all selected data fields.

Note: If you are syncing to existing users already in Grovo, please ensure that the BambooHR field "Employee #" matches up with the Grovo attribute "Employee ID." We key off of this attribute to determine whether to create or update that user.

1. Navigate to the Integrations page


2. Launch the BambooHR configuration wizard

Your first step is to connect Grovo to BambooHR. Please enter your BambooHR domain.


3. Login to BambooHR

You'll be redirected to a BambooHR login page. Login using your BambooHR credentials.


4. Complete the connection to BambooHR

After successfully logging into BambooHR, you'll be brought back to Grovo with the subdomain and API key fields completed for you. Connect to proceed.


5. Select the fields you want to sync from BambooHR

You'll continue to step 2 to select fields. We require and recommend certain fields which map to standard Grovo attributes--these are already selected for you.


6. Confirm your integration configuration


You're done!